Homeward Bound
At the end of July, we were finally able to return home to Ireland to see the family we hadn't seen since February of the previous year. Whereas we'd normally be there twice, sometimes three times, per year, Covid-19 restrictions put paid to any of that. Going home to Ireland is not only about seeing family, but also about getting away from the busy, crowded lives we lead here. From the minute we arrive to the minute we leave again a few weeks later we're taken care of, catered for, and left to our own devices, giving us the space, we need and often crave, and a chance to see that life can be so much different.
It was also a chance to see our new addition to the family who I had never met and who is now already walking and nearly talking. It was also a chance to reconnect with family and friends that we hadn't seen for a long time, a chance to revisit some of the old familiar places, as well as some amazing beautiful new ones. 
It's funny, but I thought that a lot would have changed in the time we've been kept away. In the end, not a lot had. We'd all gotten a year older, but everything had remained the same. Home is a state of mind, someone wiser than me once said. This is true, but it's also a piece of your heart, it's where you belong, it's where you're from, it's your shelter in the storm.
Simply stated - it's home. 

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